Three Convocation Addresses

Walking the Pilgrim's Path:

Peace and Justice on Our Journey

Continuing Resurrection:

Our Renewable Resource

Women in Christianity:

Their Roles, Status, Dignity, and Equality

Monsignor John W. Sweeley

179 pages

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This book brings together three Convocation Addresses made as video presentations. The first presentation, Walking the Pilgrim's Path: Peace and Justice on Our Journey, was made to the 2006 Convocation of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch. Topics include: Hospitality, New Testament, Understanding Peace and Justice, A Model for Peace and Justice, Assessment and Analysis of Categories, The Environment, The oppression of Women, War, and Terrorism.

The second presentation, Continuing Resurrection: Our Renewable Resource, was made to the 2013 Convocation of the Ascension Alliance Community of Ascensionists. Topic include: What is Resurrection?, Resurrection in the Old Testament, Resurrection in the Apocrypha and Pseudopigrapha, Resurrection in Pharisaic Judaism, Resurrection if the Dead Sea Scrolls, Resurrection Today, Continuing Resurrection, Resurrection in the Works of St. Gregory of Nyssa, St Augustine, St. Gregory the Great, Johannes Tauler, St. Teresa of Avila, and Thomas Merton.

The Third presentation, Women In Christianity: Their Roles, Status, Dignity, and Equality, was made to the 2014 Ascension Alliance Community of Ascensionists. Topics include: Jesus' Treatment o WOmen, Women in the Early Church, Augustine on Women, The Roman Catholic Church on Women, Casuistry and Probabilism, Pope John Paul II on Women, Evangelicalism on Women, The Historical Critical Method, Biblical Inerrancy, Enlightenment Philosophies: Rationalism, Existentialism, Dialectic, and Evangelical Exegesis of Headship and Subordination.